Exhibition at Glyndebourne Opera House, 8 July-30 August, 2015

Do come along to the exhibition in the Stalls Gallery at Glyndebourne!

The gallery, shop and grounds at Glyndebourne are open from 3 pm Monday to Saturday and from 2 pm Sunday (on performance days only).

Glynde exhib


WATERWEEK: 10-16 March, 2014

Clare Whistler and Charlotte Still have been inspired by spending a year exploring local sources and streams of the River Cuckmere. As an offering to the town of Hailsham, they have conceived WATERWEEK involving more than 50 contributors across venues in Hailsham. Each event will bring together people who are interested in, inspired by and knowledgeable about water, both local and global. Find out more at

Mary Anne and Clare are delighted to be taking part in WATERWEEK with an informal event at the Freedom Leisure Centre, Hailsham, at 7pm on Thursday 13 March. We’ll talk about Springlines, Clare will read some watery poems, and Mary Anne will be showing some of her paintings. The event is free and open to all.



Waterfest poster
Come along to the Festival of Water in Lewes on Sunday 23 June 2013, 2-5 pm, at the Lewes Railway Land nature reserve.

Mary Anne and I will be showing (for the first time) some of our work for the Springlines project, in the Mettyear Room of the Linklater Pavilion.

There will be plenty of other water-related displays and activities. And there will be cream teas.

See you there!


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